The MisreadBible, Book 3

When you know the lord is coming…

Oops, he did it again. Another blatant slap in the face to the creator of the universe by this upstart author from the UK. Let the smiting begin!

Is it… is it over?

Look, nobody is smiting anybody, except in this hilarious parody of Old Man Moses wandering in a desert for 40 years, one which Google says you can travel across, on foot, in 7 days. Yes, it’s another Yahweh smack-down as J.R. Eldridge pits his wits against the lord of creation in the Book of Moses: MisreadBible, Book 3, and has his way with big ‘H’ Him one more time. From the outrageous smiting of his chosen people, to the childish acting out, God gets put in his place as the irredeemable adolescent psychopath he clearly is. The sulking, the complaining, the endless demands for barbecue – if you read the original and thought it was full of shit, now you can read this brilliant naked lunch of the holy book, where everyone gets to see what’s on God’s fork, and feel vindicated at last!

PS: mileage may vary, depending on your sense of humour.

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