No, no, don’t do that.
Salt the earth and turn away,
Klingon-style, arms inveigh.

Even as a cautionary tale
I am fail.
Put no marker on my grave.

Like a pop song on the radio
Let me fade to black, until
Some engineer flips that switch to still.

I have no things to teach,
No wisdom; I am broken
Glass beneath unsuspecting feet.

Where did you hear these accolades?
Right? Tongue in cheeks of paid
Mourners, who never knew me.

Not even great at fail,
A crash of pots and pans,
Made of damp leaves and sand,
So act like a tree, and…

Please, just turn away.
In fact, for forever and a day
Forget you ever found this.

*featured image photo credit: DALL⋅E 2