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Shibboleth: Book One, Winter’s Ember — Chapter One

He turned from the valley and made his way toward the trees. The tip of his large sword slipped down, beneath the plate armour attached to the outside of his pack, nearly scraping on the ground. The sloping plain lead him to the trees, making the valley behind appear like a great scar carved out of a rolling hill on its way to the mountains.

He knew scars.

Crystals of Dead Lakes

tales of loneliness and isolation The last few years have separated people, physically and mentally. This isolation has not been healthy. Human beings are social creatures. Even so, many people were lonely or isolated long before the pandemic. My writing, despite itself, constantly toys with experiences of isolation, be it a physical separation from others, […]

Terra Cognita

Can Navi, a 12 year-old girl chosen by some force to save her people, understand the enigmatic and frightening warnings she is receiving? Or will some looming, yet unknown disaster bring the curtain down on the human race?

Star Trek TNG: Kanu t’ Sybok

Once again Picard and his crew face a moral crisis where their orders conflict with the oath they took as officers of the Federation. Will the Enterprise follow orders and squash a rebellion, or stand against Starfleet, one ship against many, to protect people fighting for their freedom?


The crew of Shackleton moon base are being hunted and killed. Mining operations are being destroyed, tourists killed, and all evidence points to an engineer who’s gone mad, using a human-controlled robot to go on a murderous rampage.

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still is the written word