Born to a loving family, Kim Aaron was abducted by gnomes at five, and spent the next ten years folding underwear in a secret underground facility. Kim found the gnomes great fun to play with, and spent many a night around the lingerie fire listening to great gnomish tales of adventure, intrigue, and dresser drawers. As she had to work during the day, Kim was gnome-schooled by some of the great Gnome intellects. Later, at Simon Fraser University, Kim learned gnomes have a rather skewed understanding of science, literature, and business administration.

Head screwed on straight, Kim earned a double-BA (honours), then immediately decided to become a software engineer, tossing everything she’d learned up to this point in a dumpster. Now, semi-retired, she finds she gets bothered by things and has to write them down, or they begin to ache like an impacted tooth. The most important thing she’s learned in life? Those drawer locks on your dresser aren’t just for babies.

Yes, that is Kim in the photo above, returning, exhausted, from yet another sortie during the Battle of Britain (with thanks to Dall•E 2).

July 23rd, 2024 -- 6:43am