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movie review: M3GAN

or, why rulers are malignant (spoilers!) M3GAN is another story about an artificial intelligence placed in a robot body, where things go wrong and the AI turns on its creators. But at the moment where M3GAN could do something interesting, it instead falls into old horror movie tropes, and the android turns into something self-aware […]

14 Months, Act II

“I am not incompetent!” Ginsein said to himself, unfortunately at precisely the moment when another person walked passed him with a business-like gait.

World Creating at its Finest!

Charlie Says’ A Brief History of the Future (The Reader Discretion Advised Series): Vol.1. The Dolphin Dies is a world-creation combining fantasy and science fiction.

book review: The Doll

Jeremy Dillon, who cannot recover from the loss of his wife. falls to drinking and seems on the path to losing everything. Then he meets someone who tells him of a way he might recover, by visiting the Dollmaker.

Terra Cognita

Can Navi, a 12 year-old girl chosen by some force to save her people, understand the enigmatic and frightening warnings she is receiving? Or will some looming, yet unknown disaster bring the curtain down on the human race?

Star Trek TNG: Kanu t’ Sybok

Once again Picard and his crew face a moral crisis where their orders conflict with the oath they took as officers of the Federation. Will the Enterprise follow orders and squash a rebellion, or stand against Starfleet, one ship against many, to protect people fighting for their freedom?

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