tales of isolation and loneliness

The last couple years have separated people, physically and mentally. This isolation has not been healthy. Human beings are social creatures.

Even so, many people were lonely or isolated long before the pandemic. My writing, despite itself, constantly intersects with experiences of isolation, be it a physical separation from others, or that sense we get of being alone in a crowd. Loneliness and isolation have been near-constant partners in my life, to more or lesser degrees, so the fact I find them showing up in my work shouldn’t really be surprising to me.

Noticing thusly as I stare into the mirror, I decided to face isolation and loneliness directly, with a book of short stories orbiting these ideas, examining them from different angles like the facets of a cut diamond. This book will be called: Crystals of Dead Lakes: tales of isolation and loneliness.

As each story is completed I will publish it individually here on this website. When they are all ready, I will put them into a collection and make them available to purchase for a nominal fee.

You can view the beginning of this collection now. Please note, these stories are listed by the date they were published, and this order does not reflect the order they will be placed in for the book.

*photo credit: Min An