The first colonization mission to our closest star witnesses Earth go silent during their 20 year journey. When they arrive, the mission survey crew wakes to find they may be the only humans left in existence. Their ship was not designed to make it the four and half lightyear return trip to Earth, and even if they did, what if Earth was destroyed or uninhabitable? What can they do but continue?

Nearly a thousand human beings live a pastoral life nestled in their valley. They have no communication with any other humans and assume they might be the only ones left alive in the galaxy. But something is happening to the planet beneath their feet. Can Navi, a 12 year-old girl, chosen by some force to save her people, understand the enigmatic and frightening warnings she is receiving? Or will some looming, yet unknown disaster bring the curtain down on the human race?

Author’s note:

2001 A Space Odyssey, and a recurring dream I had about people living on a planet where it rained 24/7, were my inspiration for this story.

A sequel? Yeah, it’s rattling around in the back of my mind. There are logistical issues, though, and I’m not smart enough to figure them out.


The second cast of characters is where Aaron really shines. It’s set around the crew of the Karnimata — a space vessel in search of a new home for humanity. Aaron delves deep into her love for space travel and sci-fi. Each scene pulled me in with the true feel of being on a spaceship. In my opinion, these chapters were good enough to be on film.

C.L. Brown

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