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A Case for Revenge

In the late 1970s, Climate scientists came to the conclusion that the Earth’s climate was changing. Of this they were 100% certain. They also determined that this change had an anthropogenic cause. Of this too they were 100% certain. The Earth was warming, and people were responsible. And they were 100% right. So what happened? […]

Will You Be Lying to Your Children?

In less than 10 years the gavel will come down and we will know for certain the human race is over. At least, large-scale industrial societies will be finished. When that happens, every nuclear reactor on Earth will go off like popcorn.

Why I Won’t Support The Call To Censor Insatiable

I watched the trailer.

I saw a fat girl tortured, as fat kids can be, by body-shaming jerks.

So far, no encouraging body shaming here.

I saw a fat girl punched in the face and get her jaw wired shut over the summer holidays.

Fat shaming? […]

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