chef of darkness

Industrial spy Marlow Willard is tasked with his greatest challenge: steal the ingredients to create zombies from a crazed chef gone mad with power in the wilds of British Columbia’s southwest.

How far is Willard willing to go, how much risk does he dare take, what grotesque ungulates will he face, to meet the wishes of his clients? Does he have the strength and wits to defeat this unsanitary enemy? What exactly do zombie cows eat?

Answer these questions, and more, as you journey up the Fraser River with Marlow, face with him peril after perilous peril, finally to face his faceless nemesis, the chef of darkness.

Author’s Note:

The hints are not particularly subtle. This is a parody of Apocalypse Now!, with many a nod to Heart of Darkness. But there is also one source of inspiration you are probably not going to catch, and that is the funniest book ever written: Don Quixote.

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Cover art & design by Fay Lane.