Humanity has spread itself out into the stars a century after an attack by the Dhale, a robotic alien race that almost destroyed humanity. In a final, colossal battle, the enemy forces were broken, sent scattered and retreating in every direction. Now these hunters have become the prey. Although they are still incredibly dangerous, Dhale weapons, alloys, and technology have become an important part of the human economy, especially on Earth. So, fearless human crews in specialized ships, hoping to make their fortune, throw themselves into harm’s way in order to find, break, and strip these enemy ships of their valuable parts. A crewmember of one of these ships, Lameshi, describes his experiences during one especially harrowing mission, spending months under the control of a mad captain bent on revenge against a machine. As the hunt brings the final battle closer, Lameshi learns the futility and horror of one mad captain’s battle against reality.

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Cover art & design by Fay Lane.

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