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Remember Me!

No, no, don’t do that. Salt the earth and turn away, Klingon-style, arms inveigh. Even as a cautionary tale I am fail. Put no marker on my grave. Like a pop song on the radio Let me fade to black, until Some engineer flips that switch to still. I have no things to teach, No […]


meadow green flower sweattoothache blue dome radiationforever chemical fetus giftspreading maggot tree line stench lazy fly snap-dragon endingflower babies floating windlessdamp earth haploid-diploid warrain smell future darkening daylight inertia methane hydrate escape-artpermafrostless house left leaningstarved white bear drowning ice-lesswrithing wildfire running out of trees what could have been faded memoryriver water long-since ambled pastslack-skin cardboard […]

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