The Tale of a Revolution — A revolutionary tale

For 17 days the future of Europe was held in the balance by the soldiers, sailors, and civilians of Kotlin island, who stood up to the growing Bolshevik tyranny that would one day become the Soviet Union. Their effort to change the course of the Russian revolution failed, but what if it had not?

Feel the excitement of a world-changing revolution creating a new history for the planet, while simultaneously witnessing the bitterness and heartache of how that potential future was lost.

A story of history, politics, war, and love, and a world that could have been.

Author’s note:

I have been struggling with Kronstadt, with the idea of Kronstadt, for decades. I read William Burroughs’ Cities of the Red Night and realized I imagined Kronstadt as a ripple in the fabric of time, that it could be my “retroactive utopia,” as Central and South America were for Burroughs in his book.

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Cover art & design by Fay Lane.