Point form, because I can’t care enough about this movie to do more

White sand brain death.

Tie your camera to a helium balloon—if only the string had broken and the camera got lost in the ocean.

Rich, beautiful people who hate each other.

Dude can’t go 24 hours without cheating on his wife.

Country with citizens who farm using shovels has cloning technology, and the rich white tourists have no idea.

A lot easier to find guilty people innocent via police corruption. Who knew?

Why say the woman would “be raped tonight and found dead tomorrow” if all they had to do was buy a sacrifice clone?

The government then lets foreigners, who the local people have seen executed, stick around, rather than tossing them out of the country—and, bang, dude ends up in the home of the kid who killed his clone. Didn’t see that coming!

Who cares what James thinks or feels? Not the audience.

Did all of their passports go missing, or just James’?

Film the waves coming in to the beach, then play it backwards: creative genius!

Things to do in Laukota

Director saw 2001, thought: “I can do that, but mine will have tits!”

Here’s to cube hats!

Stays at closed resort over rainy season, because that is a thing—with no money.