Only in America.

Start with crazed Injuns slaughtering innocent white people. Stop by turning off the movie.

What a pile of racist garbage. No redeeming qualities. Historically inaccurate in basic details (1892? why not take the train? It’s 20 years BEFORE WORLD WAR I) and completely ignores the fact white people slaughtered the natives for years before they slaughtered back. Besides, those brave American soldiers had murdered their way through most of the native old people, women and children way before 1892. By this point, there were no natives left to fight. Genocide will do that.

Shame on the filmmakers. Shame on the writers. Shame on the actors for being part of such a racist sham. Shame on the audience for not demanding their money back.

Racist garbage. Shame.

PS: no surprise, awful ending; lucky Injun kid gets proper white mother at the end. I give this film 4 barf bags: