Yes, the homage. Not “based on”. Not a “reboot”. But the entire work rewritten chapter by chapter for the present. I’m not going to give much away, but I will add the occasional quote…

After Upham went below Haab stood for a while gazing after him, looking at nothing. Then she used the intercom and ordered the steward to bring her the pad from her quarters. When it arrived she waved the steward off and enabled the pad's holographic projector. The image of a woman jumped out of the screen and rotated slowly, lighting up the evening-shift hallway like a child's mobile.

But for Haab, the light dancing off her face and her terrible leg looked more like the silent and colourful electromagnetic weapons of two dreadnaughts tied together in battle. She looked like a future Queen ruling over biology and technology, when the two have become one.

"I've lost you too, now." Haab spoke softly into the empty hallway. "This wretched device remembers you, but you've slipped from my memory so I don't even recognize this image of you any more. A stranger 'lost beyond the veils of Azlaroc, as they settle and cleave us from those left behind'."

She held the pad out as far as her arm could stretch. "And even if I could remember you, what reason do I have for such a cold comfort? Where you could soften my resolve this simulacre only deadens it, raises equal part tears and wretchedness. It makes me shrink from my purpose. I'll see this no more!"

And she threw the pad to the deck, stomped it with her dhale leg until nothing was left but tiny broken pieces. Then she slumped her shoulders and returned to pacing the hallways of the ship.