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Full Moon on the Bayou (Ex Mortis book 2)

Very rarely does a sequel come a long to best its progenitor. Why? Well, it seems to me one reason is a lot of sequels try to ride the coat-tails of the original. But then you descend into a kind of formulaic presentation where you’ve basically already read the story, just some of the names […]

Coming this Fall a new kind of Fiction

Yes, the homage. Not “based on”. Not a “reboot”. But the entire work rewritten chapter by chapter for the present. I’m not going to give much away, but I will add the occasional quote… After Upham went below Haab stood for a while gazing after him, looking at nothing. Then she used the intercom and […]

movie review: 1917


Death Cramps My Style (Ex Mortis book 1)

I can’t say much about the story of Death Cramps My Style, by Kristopher Hoffman, without spoiling the fun. Let’s just say that some down-to-earth characters, Evil, Feral, and Timber who think the supernatural is nonsense, find out they were premature in their judgement. The characters are quirky, but believable, and I found myself caring […]

Star Trek TNG: The Queen of Begemot

With the events of “All Good Things..” still fresh in his mind, Captain Picard is tasked with the dubious task of aiding in the entry into the Federation a species that needs a serious lesson in the value of individual lives.

Holiday Cheer for A Misread Bible Christmas!

Check out my review of Eldridge’s first misread, The MisreadBible: Genesis.

Misread But No Misgivings

Sensitive about your Christianity? I have two action items:

  1. don’t read this review
  2. don’t buy this book

here comes the dawn, again

here comes the dawn, again

movie review: Withnail and I

Every time I watch this film, I feel like I’ve lost a best friend. I waver like a photon, unable to decide if I’m a wave (Withnail) or a particle (I).

eyes in all heads, to be looked out of

off the coast of Japan
she put her hand upon my back
unfettered, she sd

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